Aiman Umer

As soon as my wedding date was finalized, I started looking for photographers in Lahore who could help make it special for me, though I live in Islamabad, because of the general perception that Lahore is the centre for photographers. I wanted the absolute best for my Big day because I was certain that nothing reminds of a memorable wedding than the memorable clicks.

I liked almost all the photography pages on facebook and spent days looking at the work of each. That was when I came across Rammal Mehmud’s page. Contrary to popular belief, I had just found the perfect photographer right here in Islamabad. I went though all of their pictures and was amazed at the level of involvements in the weddings which was very noticeable in their work.

When I first met Rammal, the comfort level that she managed to establish between us was commendable. She welcomed all my suggestions and very patiently heard all my requirements. (which were A LOT :p) Her way of dealing was very professional and comforting at the same time. She earned my trust in the first meeting that we had.

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Aiman Umer