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Cinefilms : Gradiators’ 15

On a cold February day we met the most excited group of people, their joy on graduating was very very evident on their faces! some were so excited that they were really at a loss for words to describe how they were feeling, and we (Rammal & Nabia) know that feeling all too well! It’s a moment a student works towards for 4 years, and at the end of the journey it can leave you speechless, knowing you’ve accomplished something worthwhile in this life can do that.

That’s the kind of energy and emotions we wanted to capture, this time in film. The excitement of spending the last few days together with your friends, the onset of new beginnings, a proud feeling of making this far and saying goodbye to people you’ve seen everyday for 4 years. We love capturing raw emotions, it’s always about capturing people at the most personal level to really let them sparkle on screen!

Sara, Maham, Akram, Safa, Sakeena, Mati, zara, Isra, Palwisha, Soha, Waqar, Nimra and Samawia are now starting a new chapter in their lives and we were so glad we could be there to capture these special moments and help them make this a memory to remember for the rest of their lives!

To the batch of Bahria University 2015 : Congrats!

Enjoy this video!



Nyla + Harris : It’s in the details

Hey Guys,

Our website got a makeover.  We think its as pretty as the event we are blogging about.

Writing your story is easy but telling it in tiny meticulous details and getting to capture it is magic! We encourage all our clients to get creative and personalise their events because it’s a reflection of their personalities and what makes their pictures unique.

Nyla and Harris’s unique connection to each other translates so effortlessly in our pictures, adding more sparkle to their fantastic fairytale. Here at their 1st Anniversary we’ve managed to capture their romance in every detail.

Hope you guys enjoyed these images by Rammal and Nabia Mehmud and feel their intimacy.








Kinza & Ammar 12.12.12

Once a upon a sunny december..

From one of our escapades in Karachi, Pakistan.  We would love to share Kinza’s decandent ‘Glam it up’  Session.

Having lived forver in Islamabad, we werent used to the concept of a sunny december, as its always bleak or cloudy and raining 80% of the time in Islamabad.
But Karachi is sunny and wind =D So, now Karachi is added to our list of happy places.

So, We reached Kinza’s place for some morning crazyness with the girls and & *Tea* and then left off with the exuberant bride, her sister and best friend in tow for the Salon.

It was time to put on the wedding shoes & dance the night away! =D

Glam it up Rammal Mehmud photography Jimmy Choo


Rammal & I were scurrying around in ninja mode, clicking every detail also making sure we werent in the staff’s way <3

Kinza chose to wear a ‘Tabbasum Mughal Bridal’ attire and did it justice! from full view of the flowey reds, to the details of kaam, to the tassles,  nothing was overlooked!

We headed over the Kinza, who was getting done with her Makeup (which unfortunately we werent allowed to document) however, the Salon staff was very cooperative regardless.
Whooo!  how Gorgeous is she?! 


This wedding was a blast <3
We wish Kinza & Ammar, the best of both the worlds.



Char Grilled Central, Islamabad


‘Allo Islamabad!

If ure sick of the same Burger Joints like;  Hardees, McDonalds, Roasters etc. You’re in for a BEEFED up treat!

Char Grilled Central is a Burger Joint by two young foodie friends; Saif & Jawad who partnered to make sure that your burgering experience is un-compromised when it comes to quality. For this, they made sure that the meat is unprocessed and procured on a daily basis from local vendors. Since, we live in an age and day of foods are over-processed we think that this initiative of theirs is soo thoughtful and most importantly FRESH!! The brand’s philosophy is to sell fresh while its juiciest!

So, We got an interesting call during a shoot On Saturday, that we should expect the samples when we get home 🙂 The team wanted us to taste  and improvise on the quality before the inauguration. They’ve been like burger geniuses, market testing their product just to tweak the product quality before launch. How often do you come across such a brand? Definitely a rarity in Islamabad!

Coming home after a wedding shoot to two delicious looking, succulent burgers was amazing!

Yep! We were sent samples of two of their burgers and mutually decided the feedback they had inquired for was worth sharing.

The burgers tasted fresh and the combination of sauce flavors that just explode in your mouth! The patty was minced to perfection and done on the rare side of medium but we prefer well-done. The burger was smothered in mayo, fresh ice berg lettuce, onion rings and fresh tomatoes and every bite was cheesy.

However, we felt that the team could use a bit of work on the presentation of their food.  As they are most definitely the juiciest burgers in Islamabad and we wish Char grilled Central, The best of Luck for the inauguration.

We wish these guys best of luck for their endeavors, they will be inaugurating their online burger joint TOMORROW!!

Menu & Contact details can be found on their page upon inaugration.

So, FOLLOW them on FACEBOOK: Char Grill Central


::Summer love:: Sneak peek!

Samar & Taimoor ♥ 30.06.12

Samar met with us to discuss her engagement details and to book us a few months back. Her engagement dates kept on changing so that was kind of like a blessing in disguise because it gave us a better sense of the person that she was. We at VRM, like to personalize each photography session according to your personality, we don’t believe in assembly lines and sessions that look the same as every other bridal pic. It’s your day & YOU deserve to sparkle!

The cool ambiance and gentle ambiance of Abbotabad lured us into booking Samar’s engagement shoot. It was delightful being welcomed into her family just like one of her friends. We thank you and your families for loving us they way that you all do =) We are sharing with you one of our favorite shot from her day. I used the gates leading to her home for this shot, as the architecture looked subtle and symmetrical.. She loved the fact that we included her home in her photo-session. I think being a female, the power of bonding with your client is much-much higher, I know exactly what they’re feeling at times, how to calm the nerves as brides are always sentimental about leaving their home.  And, I totally get that! <3

You will not beleive it when I tell you this, but Samar got ready at home. YEP! no professional Salon, no pro make up artist. Her gorgeous sis & cousins were pretty much pros 😉 dont u think!?!  She added the glamour factor and the colors that were lacking!

What are your thoughts on this?!

MIA: Update!

Howdy ya’ll!

I know weve been MIA for the month of May! So, We’ve decided to blog about our absence (read as misery lol) Well, after some weekends of non-stop weddings and shoots, Rammal & I both were spent and were looking forward to a quite weekend. However, we started feeling weak and drained all the time, with fever that didnt break. After two miserable days, our parents forced us and got blood tests done, Little did we both know, what a long recovery we were in store for!

We were both diagnosed with Typhoid, which took toll on our health and even mental health! We felt like rag dolls completely devoid of energy and will. Rammal & I are absolute foodies, we enjoy cooking, and needless to say, eating!!  So being fed plain and ”beemaron khanay” (low salt, no spice diet) wasn’t so appealing for  our tastebuds. But, God bless our Mom who force fed us ‘khichree’ and juices with our medication on time. We know couldn’t have recovered at all if it wasn’t for her efforts. It overwhelms us how unconditional the love of a mother is and HOW genuinely we are, blessed! *Alhamdulilah!* We feel more inspired, grateful and more focused now =D

What are your blessed with?! Do comment and share with us 🙂

Also, We received from you; a ton of emails, texts, flower bouquets, calls and we want to express our gratitude. THANK YOU for all your love, support and care!
We are sharing our two most favorite Get Well Soon Cards made by You guys! <3

This Collage Get well Card is by Omair Ahmad;

And this beaut is by:

Manpreet Singh Khalsa (MSK) who is an awesome photographer based in New Delhi, India.

Do check out his work on Facebook; www.facebook.com/anandpursahib

Until next time!
Stay Photogenic,
~ Nabs <3

10,000th fan GIVEAWAY!

I remember how narcissist the word ‘Fanpage’ used to sound at the beginning. I almost didn’t make one but Nabia forced me to create it when our photography business took off. We were one of the first few photography fan pages from Islamabad and still remember the first few fans, the commenters and our very first competition! 🙂
We are very thankful to everyone who sincerely supported & loved us throughout this journey. So thankful that words fell short and we were bound to announce yet another ‘GIVEAWAY’, like the last year but – with a NEW twist.

Sooo the procedure is Easy-breezy! 😀
+ Invite your friends over and if they end up being the 10,000th fan – you and him/her would get to avail our newest photography package, “Music & Lyrics!”
+ Music & Lyrics contain 20 shots (5×7 prints) based on your favorite song!
+ The duration of the shoot would be 1-2 hours.
+ A video-montage of the shots would be created and uploaded on the page! 🙂
+ The winners would be featured on the fan page, our blog and on our website.

P.s: Do you know VRM-HUB would be turning 2 next month? 😀

Till my next post,
Stay photogenic,

‘Music & Lyrics’ is strictly copyrighted to Rammal Mehmud. The concept & the name of the package is ours and shouldn’t be replicated. In case this is forged and seen on other photography pages, serious action will  be taken.

You RENEW me.

I created this after I shot my first wedding. It wasn’t only the euphoric response from the couple that made me express it, but the creative control that was handed to me which made me feel – the couple & me are a ‘team’.
That is my vision.

So when I go through my inbox/ skype & meetup with people of a similar vision, I feel they renew me: To get out of myself even and do the best not just because its THEIR day but because they are awesome being the way that they are.
When I’m having a rough day due to the stress of work and meeting deadlines, what keeps me inspired & motivated are YOU guys or the thought of how much YOU actually want me to be there to be a part of your new BEGINNING, to create memories – so evanescent. 🙂

So in short, thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for being YOU and believing in OUR teamwork. <3

Stay photogenic,


Its a Love story – Amna & Sajid’s Sneak Peak!

I feel so privileged when I get a chance to document a couple SOH-IN-LOVE. It was awesome working with these two childhood sweethearts. Almost like I had met them long before.

Amna booked me in April from UK, 5 months before her wedding so I’m available on her dates! ^_^ Later we met in August when she came back and we instantly clicked! After Flipping through hundreds of different wedding photojournalist magazines, She told me how she had always imagined her BIG day to be photographed – And chose me.

“My Venue wasn’t decided, my dress wasn’t ordered – but I KNEW the photographer had to be YOU.”
Were her words.

It was my first DIY wedding, which I utterly enjoyed! 😀

Later I photographed their bridal lurrve session just the way I love – ofcource during the golden love hourrr! 😀 I was HELL Happie that day and so glad to be a part of their heartfelt occasion!

Wait up for the complete blog!
Till then,
Stay photogenic,

A & H’s Mehndi sneak peak!

‘A’ contacted me in April and got her hall booked when she found out I was available to shoot her Mehndi on that date.
Meeting her and her fiance was an absolute treat as these guys matched my personality perfectly!
🙂 Anyways, I’m so glad I shot their Mehndi and Baraat, It was awesome bumping into ole clients and wonderful to be a part of their festive event.

And sometimes its that ONE shot that makes the shoot and for me – it was this one.

What an awesome connection between this happie couple and me! I don’t remember the song that played at the back but I remember asking them to enjoy it & be themselves! AND Whoa – what a fun filled shot this turned out to be! 😀

One of the reasons I love my job!

Stay photogenic,