Dear Rammal & Nabia,

I dont know from where to start thanking you and appreciating you guys. From the first meetup with Nabia to the last goodbye wave at my rukhsati, Everything you did was commendable!

I remember when I used to look at all the photos you uploaded on your fanpage & I used to wonder if I could have you photograph my big day.. and finally when the day came for me when I e-mailed you asking for your availability (who had known we’d be friends by the end of it)
I’m truly in love with the ‘Glam it up’ & the ‘You & Me’ session of mine. People say ”If they could go back in time..” I wont have to say it. No ”IFs” for me. I can relive each and every moment of my big day only by going through the photos you’ve captured; ” true Moment-o-graphy” Its amzing how the tiniest details of the venue, the rasams are photographed. Not to mention the dhood pilai glasses

Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for all the times you cheered me up (during my nikah( Thank you for the help with the safety pins & the lehnenga! Im lucky that I had you photograph the wedding. It couldnt have been better!

Lots of love & Best wishes,

A Azeem