There was a time when *blogger* was my life! 🙂 I’m not kidding. I would blog in the university lab, I would blog at home or through my cellphone. I would blog daily, twice or thrice. It would be about the weather, how I felt about that day or simply : what I wore to uni.
It was my anti-drug.

Now its been days since I posted an entry, firstly I was busy with Eid and visiting relatives and secondly the wedding seasons starting so I’m gearing up for that. I’m SOH excited! 😀
Anyhow, I hope Your Eid was wonderful and that you got an ample amount of eidi, unlike me. 😛 I was the giver this time, so it was different.

I love Henna! =) My sister, Nabia has taken this shot of me, after we got done with applying mehndi on Chand Raat ( The Eve before Eid).

Stay photogenic,


Hey All!! 😀
I’m always up for challenges, here is something that I think would be a perfect theme for the bridal shoots for Oct – Dec 2010! You get a chance to win a FREE shoot if you can get a couple that contacts me for their BIG DAY! 🙂 12 outdoor 5×7 sized prints!
*wooohooo* So excited! <3

For more details, you can contact me on vrm.photography@gmail.com or 03325510312.

The facebook era.

Facebook seemed like just another networking website like Orkut.com back in 2006. I remember being reluctant to join it – simply because I was happy – scrapping on my friend’s walls and joining stupid communities which were such a big deal back then.
Pressurized by my friends and siblings, I joined Facebook.

From 2006 to 2010: I’m amazed at the opportunities Facebook created for web developers, small businesses and giant brands alike. ‘Like pages’ – the most aggressive tool in the social marketing scenario is the catalyst for interacting with clients at root level and conditioning the fans’ minds for top of the mind Brand recall. People are smarter now, they know they have the power to communicate directly through these Like pages and make better decisions.

I never had a community on Orkut and the term ‘Fan page’ seemed narcissistic. Still, I went on with the idea of starting a ‘Like page’ at the start of the year after I had shot my first wedding. I had reveled about its importance in my MBA’s Final year thesis [Which was on Internet & Social Media Marketing] but practically implementing it was an altogether different experience.
Eventually teenagers who were interested in photography and needed guidance contacted me but as we got the ball rollling, my like page grew larger and I finally found my target audience.

Now I’m thrilled to find prospective brides ‘inboxing’ and buzzing my digits! Also, what I love about this new era is that the ‘new age Muslim Pakistani’ bride is ready to take a leap of faith. She’s ready to choose a photographer found on Facebook for her BIG day. She keeps herself informed and seeks price quotes, she wants to know which camera I’m using (seriously!), she goes through my blog to check out my style of work, she wants to know if I own a studio as yet and if I would be available on the date she’d provide. She has realized that she has the power to make a decision for herself on her wedding. She knows the value of photojournalism style (Story telling imagery; Candid close-ups and detailed shots of the venue and the decorations) of photography and the amount of time & effort invested by me to document the moments in between the shoot. She appreciates how I take out time to communicate ideas and listen to how she would want her special day to be photographed. Last but not the least: She’s confident that she’s beautiful in her skin; radiant as the Henna on her hands and best of all, shes willing to put her trust in me; for making her feel as beautiful as she looks on the most awaited day of her life.

I thank you girlies, for being so totally FABULOUS! 🙂

Stay photogenic,

The J* weekend.

The previous weekend was jammed packed with shoot edits and J star. I loved each and everything bout the 5 days at CreativeLive. There was action, emotion, drama and: A LIVE WEDDING!! 😀 Jasmine star is absolutely fantastic, let it be her effervescence or her professionalism towards work.

*Photo credit: Jasmine-star.com

I was soaking everything she said like a sponge, scribbling away notes and diagrams. I don’t believe in the phrase ‘too cool for school’, I love learning as much as I can for my professional & personal growth.
I do wish I was one of the students though. She gave a detailed outline of how to start and maintain a wedding photography business in a pretty practical manner. ‘Your photography in 3 words’ made it more clear.
Can’t wait to shoot my next wedding! 😀

You can check out her blog here.

Stay photogenic,

My nifty fifty! :)

Hey internet! Howsie? Today I thought I would blog bout my new lens, 50mm 1.4. I so wanted to upload some test shots but seriously wasn’t getting the time to. Some people on my fan page have also requested me to upload pix in the bridal section, so I’d be embellishing it soon! 😀 Yayee!!

First some test shots:

This is my cousin, I was checking the sharpness of the lens and MY GOD it is amayyzing! 😀 The results are crispier than I expected even in low light and the bokeh is scrumptious! 🙂 I used to have a 50mm 1.8 and that lens is no where near the build & grip of this one.
Check out the bokeh here:

I have yet to try videos on this lens though, but never say never! 😀 Here I photographed my sister’s cupcake order with this lens and you can see the depth of field and the focus is just GORGE!

Oh and you visit her online bakery Here! =) Yes, Edible art it sure is!

Anyways, I am booked on the 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 26th of September! =) Can’t wait to try my new lens out there, have started saving for a new lens – but won’t reveal which one now! 😉
Just wait and watch!

Stay Photogenic,

Meeting clients & Building a bond with them.

Hey everyone! 🙂 Hows Ramadan going? MashaAllah mines going good!
Besides fasting and praying, I’m utilizing my time these days to meet up with clients who I’d be shooting in Sept – InshaAllah.

I’m a peoples person, like I’ve stated in my previous blog and just to get the dice rolling, a meetup is the perfect excuse to actually get to know the bride and how she wants her special day to be photographed.

At times the clients visit me and when it’s almost impossible to meet, I visit them at their respective places. Not that I love discussing ideas and communicating what I can do for them – I like bonding with them. The bonding session makes me see how the bride actually want her shots to be. 🙂 Like for example, I visited a client today – whose engagement’s due in a few weeks. I asked her what she expects of me and she actually shared her favorite wedding photo collage vids from youtube with me! We discussed the color of her outfit and how the stage would be embellished and most importantly, how the hall would be illumined.
Moral of the story? I ended up realizing that the kind of work that I so wanted to produce and couldn’t because of some traditional barriers – I had the license to do that now with hers! 🙂 She was open to experimentation, she almost gasped when I talked bout *Bokeh* photography with her and pointed it out in a few example shots for her! =)

So at the end of the day, I felt happie and again realised how Allah (swt) was letting me do what I wanted to. MashaAllah!
=) Lo and behold!

Malaika’s family shoot! <3

Malaika called me up in May for an outdoor family shoot and I was oober excited. I love the feel of the natural environment and the light is amazing too! Eventually we shot this in July and I was practically hopping around because my new camera – 5D Mark II was to arrive the day before the shoot. =) We discussed ideas and how we want the shoot to be. The picnic idea seemed sooper successive until we practically implemented it – moments after some shots, the baby jumped up screaming, “Ants!!” 😀
Anyhow the shoot went well, and as you can see from the following shots – I tried my best to connect with the family to keep it looking natural yet candid!

Life’s good.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
[ Blogged this at the start of my career.]

Yesternight I realised this serendipitous act of fate.
My life was gradually rowing towards my destination – gliding through the waves of time, just forcing itself ahead. That instant thought ran a jolt of adrenalin through me and I almost screamed in ecstasy. I was in control and Allah (swt) was helping me steer it in the direction; I had always wanted it to go.

I thought of Allah(swt)’s perfect plan for me.

  • Finding myself holding a friend’s digital camera in 2006, taking pictures of anything possible and then a small un-paid shoot for a local magazine.
  • Later buying my own camera the same year, discovering flickr.com and all the great inspiration, doing my maiden commercial shoot for a mere 3K.
  • Letting me meet some amazing flickr friends who helped and guided me through.
  • Buying my first Dslr camera and then the 50mm lens!
  • Starting my 365 selfie project, from which I perfected portrait photography and the amazing art of photoshop/manipulations.
  • An MBA degree in marketing from one of the most renowned universities of the country.

And then *drum rolls*, getting a text from an ex-client for a friend’s bridal shoot. “I don’t do weddings or night events.” was my reply.

A couple of weeks later I decided to face my fears. I decided to accept the obvious. I decided to accept challenges. Decided to change.

I realized that there was no use of making excuses or taking the easy ways out or saying the oober easy “NO.” to a project just because I wasn’t in the mood.
I wasn’t to find a project that suited my mood, I had to change my attitude.
So I changed my perspective. I knew the ‘I’m-not capable-but-a-photographer’ had to go. So did the ‘I-can’t-do-this’.

Therefore last year, I dumped all the ‘skeptical’ attitudes that were literally my uniform since the last so many years and donned the new, shiny and eternal attire of confidence, positivity, empathy and class.
And guess what? I felt alive and so good bout myself. 🙂

On the evening of 24th December 2009, I met my first client. I couldn’t believe how confident I felt as I talked bout the shoot with her. I realized how I was driving my passion after it had driven me for so many years or how I secretly loved weddings and had become a cynic. I discovered that there were endless things in life that were so beautiful that I could just cry for their fleeting presence.
And lastly I realized how much I loved being the photographer
and my work.

I concluded that if I had to be the best, I needed to put my heart and soul into it all, not to mention my MBA degree! haha. 🙂 I needed a game plan and knowing my creativity – my best friend, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Strategic puzzles are a marketer’s favorite game.