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Kinza & Ammar 12.12.12

Once a upon a sunny december..

From one of our escapades in Karachi, Pakistan.  We would love to share Kinza’s decandent ‘Glam it up’  Session.

Having lived forver in Islamabad, we werent used to the concept of a sunny december, as its always bleak or cloudy and raining 80% of the time in Islamabad.
But Karachi is sunny and wind =D So, now Karachi is added to our list of happy places.

So, We reached Kinza’s place for some morning crazyness with the girls and & *Tea* and then left off with the exuberant bride, her sister and best friend in tow for the Salon.

It was time to put on the wedding shoes & dance the night away! =D

Glam it up Rammal Mehmud photography Jimmy Choo


Rammal & I were scurrying around in ninja mode, clicking every detail also making sure we werent in the staff’s way <3

Kinza chose to wear a ‘Tabbasum Mughal Bridal’ attire and did it justice! from full view of the flowey reds, to the details of kaam, to the tassles,  nothing was overlooked!

We headed over the Kinza, who was getting done with her Makeup (which unfortunately we werent allowed to document) however, the Salon staff was very cooperative regardless.
Whooo!  how Gorgeous is she?! 


This wedding was a blast <3
We wish Kinza & Ammar, the best of both the worlds.



::Summer love:: Sneak peek!

Samar & Taimoor ♥ 30.06.12

Samar met with us to discuss her engagement details and to book us a few months back. Her engagement dates kept on changing so that was kind of like a blessing in disguise because it gave us a better sense of the person that she was. We at VRM, like to personalize each photography session according to your personality, we don’t believe in assembly lines and sessions that look the same as every other bridal pic. It’s your day & YOU deserve to sparkle!

The cool ambiance and gentle ambiance of Abbotabad lured us into booking Samar’s engagement shoot. It was delightful being welcomed into her family just like one of her friends. We thank you and your families for loving us they way that you all do =) We are sharing with you one of our favorite shot from her day. I used the gates leading to her home for this shot, as the architecture looked subtle and symmetrical.. She loved the fact that we included her home in her photo-session. I think being a female, the power of bonding with your client is much-much higher, I know exactly what they’re feeling at times, how to calm the nerves as brides are always sentimental about leaving their home.  And, I totally get that! <3

You will not beleive it when I tell you this, but Samar got ready at home. YEP! no professional Salon, no pro make up artist. Her gorgeous sis & cousins were pretty much pros 😉 dont u think!?!  She added the glamour factor and the colors that were lacking!

What are your thoughts on this?!

Its a Love story – Amna & Sajid’s Sneak Peak!

I feel so privileged when I get a chance to document a couple SOH-IN-LOVE. It was awesome working with these two childhood sweethearts. Almost like I had met them long before.

Amna booked me in April from UK, 5 months before her wedding so I’m available on her dates! ^_^ Later we met in August when she came back and we instantly clicked! After Flipping through hundreds of different wedding photojournalist magazines, She told me how she had always imagined her BIG day to be photographed – And chose me.

“My Venue wasn’t decided, my dress wasn’t ordered – but I KNEW the photographer had to be YOU.”
Were her words.

It was my first DIY wedding, which I utterly enjoyed! 😀

Later I photographed their bridal lurrve session just the way I love – ofcource during the golden love hourrr! 😀 I was HELL Happie that day and so glad to be a part of their heartfelt occasion!

Wait up for the complete blog!
Till then,
Stay photogenic,

A & H’s Mehndi sneak peak!

‘A’ contacted me in April and got her hall booked when she found out I was available to shoot her Mehndi on that date.
Meeting her and her fiance was an absolute treat as these guys matched my personality perfectly!
🙂 Anyways, I’m so glad I shot their Mehndi and Baraat, It was awesome bumping into ole clients and wonderful to be a part of their festive event.

And sometimes its that ONE shot that makes the shoot and for me – it was this one.

What an awesome connection between this happie couple and me! I don’t remember the song that played at the back but I remember asking them to enjoy it & be themselves! AND Whoa – what a fun filled shot this turned out to be! 😀

One of the reasons I love my job!

Stay photogenic,

Cause baby you’re a firework: Anam & Abid’s sneak peak!

One fine, but blistering-hot-pakistani-summer-noon, I was contacted by Anam to shoot her Engagement event. As she was in the States at that time, we couldn’t arrange a meet-up so she booked me to save her date and then a week before her engagement visited me with Abid (Her fiance). We had a great session, I showed them my sample albums and talked about the the style preferred they’d event to be shot. It was fun discussing the nitty gritties. They were appreciative of the quality of my albums & work, I was over the moon =D

It was a joy to be around people who love each other. I pray they always be together! {Amen} <3And guess who? 😀 Nabia and me were high on the positive energy in the room and we were clicking mad! =D
Post Engagement celebrations, it was so much fun to be a part of their day! 😀

Wait up for the ACTUAL blog! 🙂
Till then,
Stay photogenic,

{You & Me: Nauroze & Rida’s Reception}

Cause it’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it’s you and me and all of the people
And I don’t know why, I can’t keep my eyes off of you
~ Lifehouse.

On a very rainy evening, I was visited by Nauroze. He had called time and again and been a persistent client; who wanted to book me as his ‘wedding photographer’ for his Reception. I was already pre-booked with a three day in a row wedding prior his date so I was a little uncertain to take his booking but decided to meet him in person and decide. The meeting went smoothly and he an aficionado for my ‘Moment-o-graphy.’ Since, we were on the same wavelength I decided that it would be great fun!

On another very chilly and extremely foggy night, I reached Regalia ahead of the time (G-6) for the Reception coverage.  What I saw was very overwhelming, Noroze and Rida had a connection; they could read each other’s minds and they talked via looks and secret smiles. Their comfort level assured me that I was here to do a great job capturing their love for each other.

Her shy smile deepened when she heard him. When his eyes fell on her, joy danced in his eyes. When she wasn’t around, he couldn’t resist a chance to bring up her name..

Hes the kind of guy who’ll put you at ease with his confidence and charm…and he clearly knows how to make her melt & Rida, You’re Gorrrrrrge, f’real! MashAllah! 🙂

Noroz & Rida: You are two of the most wonderful people and I felt incredibly lucky to document your wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart of sharing your lives (and amazing families) with me and allowing me to see just how promising your future is together.

Stay photogenic,

Meant to be: Madiha & Haris’ Mehndi.

Heyy all you gorgeous ppl, hows it hanging?! enjoying the summer?! What are your summer plans?! I got a ton of them but never seem to have the time, for me! 😛 Thankfully, I managed taking mid May til June off  😀 Anyhow.. moving on..

They say,  Some couples are truly made for each other;  Madeeha & Haris were one such example.. but they also say that marriages are fixed in heavens so allow me to share with you, this earthly celebration of pure joy, euphoria and above all; love!

I often ask myself; How can you fail at documenting love?! It surely is beyond me.. especially when its right in your face! I cant help but go ‘aww’ while capturing those doting eyes, shy smiles, nervous giggles and the immense glow that radiates, just because you know now you’ll be together forever.

Meet Madeeha, who visited me with her better half & her dad in Feb. 🙂 We discussed the timeline of her event and how I would document it, we debated over the Photo-session ideas. I remember how she almost couldn’t book me and ended up changing her wedding dates according to my availability. 😀

In March 2011 ; I walked into the venue which was an explosion of colors ranging from happy yellows, vibrant oranges and green and bling!! It was truly very well done, down the tiniest detail by Royale Wedding & Event Planners. Take a look ..

The Dhol Damaka added to the festivities of the event. There was so much happening that I was sprinting from here to there.. making sure I didnt miss anything! It was abs delightful photographing the charming couple! 😀

I think a wedding is a reflection of your own personality.. Madeeha’s flamboyant personality was definitely reflected from the decore to the celebrations..

This wedding was documented in a pure wedding journalism.. with emphasis on capturing moments, which is why ive named it ” Moment-o-graphy.” So that each picture helps you remember the teeny weeny details of your day, bringing back memories you may have over looked in the chaos.


I hope you all enjoyed the visual treat this event was.. More posts to come about the weddings Ive been busy with! 😀

so, Stay tuned!


– R!

{You & Me: Sneak preview}

Cause it’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it’s you and me and all of the people
And I don’t know why, I can’t keep my eyes off of you
~ Lifehouse.

Sneak peak of N & R’s Reception shoot! =)  I can’t begin to express how happie I was to photograph them and be a part of their joyous occasion.
Not only were they AMAZING but as it turned out, I got to meet my FAVORITE teacher/mentor after soh many years at their event. So it was shoot + amazing couple + fave teacher = PERFECT start to my year! =)

Loved documenting their moments and their moments in between!
Wait up for the blog! <3

Stay photogenic,