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You RENEW me.

I created this after I shot my first wedding. It wasn’t only the euphoric response from the couple that made me express it, but the creative control that was handed to me which made me feel – the couple & me are a ‘team’.
That is my vision.

So when I go through my inbox/ skype & meetup with people of a similar vision, I feel they renew me: To get out of myself even and do the best not just because its THEIR day but because they are awesome being the way that they are.
When I’m having a rough day due to the stress of work and meeting deadlines, what keeps me inspired & motivated are YOU guys or the thought of how much YOU actually want me to be there to be a part of your new BEGINNING, to create memories – so evanescent. 🙂

So in short, thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for being YOU and believing in OUR teamwork. <3

Stay photogenic,


All the shadowy corners of me.

Heys! Hows everyone?
July has been FANTASTIC so far though I did hurt my toe but Its much better now (thanks to all the antibiotics). Since the 8th of July – 12th, Nabia and I have been crazy shooting. A 3 day event was a Baluchi wedding, full of colors, emotions and raptures. The remaining 2 days were a reception dinner & a Mayon (where we ended up running into some old school acquaintances).

We resume shoots next week til the end of July and meetups from the 1st week of August for Sept/Oct & Nov.

So many details to fill you guys with:
– We have introduced *Storybook* Albums – { Getting very good responses from clients bout em! 😀 }
– Gift certificates

Shot post sunset at f9 park – amidst the mosquitoes and the humidity, we had a great time with the couple, who dazzled us with their zeal for photography and unmatched patience. 😀 I can’t wait to start working on their couple session along with the getting ready.

Lastly, I GOT MY VERY OWN *CANON EF 85mm 1.2 II*

Have a lot of blogs lined up, would post them all soonish!

P.s: Thankyou to all the lovely ladies who come and greet me with a hug (during the events) and let me know; they’ve joined my page! Love youuuu guys! *hugs* 😀

Stay Photogenic,


I remember when Farooq (Lead guitarist of Irtaash ) came over one evening and kept scribbling “Irtaash” all over my notebook.  He proudly told me; that was going to be the name of their band and that ‘Irtaash’ being a Urdu word meant vibrations in water. I remember laughing at him. I take good pics, does that mean I’m going to be a photographer one day?! *Jeez!*

Then commenced the jam sessions at home and finally one day he handed me the CD of their first ever recorded single – ‘Kaali Raatein’.
From the first version to the repeatedly revised one – been there done that.
🙂 Farooq and I go a long way back – since we were kids.
He’s my first cousin.

Irtaash has always been very close to his heart, a dream so sacred and cherished.
And now finally TRUE.

Here are some glimpses of Islamabad’s rock band consisting of Yasir, Farooq, Omer, Ali & Talha: Irtaash. Who just launched their DEBUT album, Kaala Safaid Aasmaan and I was fortunate enough to cover the whole event. 😀 It took place at ‘The Rock Musicarium’ which is nestled in a quiet area near Lake-view point.

I’ve never shot a concert before, so this is my maiden attempt at concert photography – that too without the use of strobes!
And what a breather from shooting weddings! *Phew!* haha! 😀

I felt a rapture of mixed emotions as I saw them all perform with such unmatched enthusiasm and confidence. It was as if the colors weren’t flooding around by the lighting setup but from the energy that flowed from one member to another! =D
Live events are PURE LOVE! 😀At this shoot, I had the creative, free license to experiment as much as I could! 😀  Ahh sheer blissh!

It was fantastic remembering how the crowd went wild as Yasir crooned “Kaali Raatein” and “Musafir”.
*Nostalgic*So that brings us at the end of this *rocking* post, hope you guys enjoyed it.
For more pics, please visit my Fan page.
Special thanks to Sufined for being there! 😀

Irtaash, you guys are amazing and a fine example of believing in one’s dreams!
<3 All the best for the future!

P.s: People, Their debut CD would be out soon, don’t forget to get your copy!

Stay photogenic,

While I was gone..

Hey Guys!

I know its been SOH long! I missed blogging and you! 🙂 This would be a filler blog explaining my absence. This is a series one of the blogs I’ll be posting, There will be teasers and lots o pics!! =D

In January, I was given the honor to  adjudicate TAMASHA 20Eleven; An event entailing theatre, painting, Sketching, Essay writing and musical concerts, as a Jury member for a Photography Competition at FAST-NU (Islamabad). There were other amazing photographers on the panel stemming from different fields of photography; Mobeen Ansari, A good friend and an artistic soul graduate from NCA possessed with a multitude of talents; Photographer, painter, sculptor and video-grapher. feel free to follow Mobeen on Facebook 🙂 We were also joined by Naved Ahmed; who is a Visual artist, Graphic Designer and Media Student also, Owner of Sufined and you can follow him on Facebook, then we had the honor of being joined by Awais Yaqub who is indulgent in nature, landscape and architectural photography. It was a treat to meet him and he graciously let me test his lens, since I was thinking of purchasing it next. =D Guys, feel free to follow him on facebook and check out his wesbite; www.awaisyaqub.com So, with the jury team, in unison we deliberated the fate of the photos. =)

The photos were a mix of art meets translation, with creative themes;

  • Re-branding Pakistan
  • Truck art
  • Father & Child
  • Photo Essays

TAMASHA 20eleven had participants from all over Pakistan, Our FAST NU Islamabad Campus was housing all the out-of city participants, taking care of the food & accommodation. I had a few one-to-one discussions regarding lighting and conceptual shots & their execution with the participant lot and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! =D

Here are some pictures from the day for you to enjoy;

Photo credit: many thanks to Haseeb yahya.

Then the guys got a lil cwazy… hehe

The Winner of the Photography Competition; Ali Kazmi A student from Gujrat with exceptional talent for conceptualizing and executing with impeccable control on light;

Special Thanks to Muhammad Fahad Raza; for all this efforts and making the event come together, It was great fun hanging out and just talking about photography! =D

Fahad RazaMore pics of the event here: http://www.facebook.com/jaagoo

“My dates have been finalized and the first thing I did was come here and inform u :| I cant risk losing u :|”

Thats an excerpt from a client’s mail.

You have no idea how overwhelmed I felt after reading this! It was perfect – this girl wanted me to photograph her since LAST summer and was waiting for her BIG day to arrive.
As it turns out, I wouldn’t be able to click her BIG day after all. Reason being: The dates she mentioned are already booked for MARCH.

So I decided to blog about it.

The perks of booking dates ahead of time:
* Due to the ample amount of time till your wedding, you and I can actually sit down & discuss ideas.
* I can visit the venue with you and plan certain shots around specific venue details to help you optimize the best of your big day, So when you will reflect back, the shots will help you remember the nervous jitters and the giggles in between.
* I can assess the level of comfort level you have with you spouse and translate that better into an image.
* I can get creative with my lighting arrangements and give your shots an oomph factor!
* When the couple meets me beforehand, the initial hesitation is also eliminated as this meetup acts as an ice breaking session.
* There would be NO date-overlapping fear! 😛

Hope this helps you make an informed decision!

Stay photogenic,

‘High’ got me higher.

Just yesterday during a meetup with a client (Hi Sana! :] ), we were talking about improving one’s photography habits. We were deep in conversation, when she said she has a dslr at home, which she doesn’t use much – and I had to let her know what a miracle of a project, the 365 is.

(c) Rammal Mehmud | All rights reserved.

So what is the 365 project?!

As you guys know I’m a self taught photographer / Visual Artist. I learned everything online – from friends, and websites like flickr.com. I got to know some MAJOR inspirational photographers on flickr.com and they are still my bestest of friends and my energy capsules.

I took up a challenge ( like most budding photographers), to hone my photography skills by taking a shot daily, editing and uploading it online to seek constructive criticism and feedback. I guess that did the trick and I’m still known for my water-drop, macro, bokeh & smoke photography & gratifying visual art.

A year after I uploaded high, I received an email from Lerner Publishing Group who were interested in using it for the cover of a children’s storybook. As you can guess, I was WAY overwhelmed but 1 – Didn’t know if it was for real. 2 – Didn’t know whom to seek advice concerning this.

So My sister & I, searched bout the company online,  searched about the pricing of such publications, about copyrights and royalties. Most of the flickr photographers living abroad helped me out too. After all the paper work, I signed the deal for $900. Later I was contacted again since they had to print trade catalogs and got $500 more, while the copyrights and the royalties remained with me and we agreed on one time use of the image with 20,000 copies of the book.

Here are the two books that they sent me, as promised along with the payment in my paypal account. 😀

The client that I met yesterday was really surprised, as why I had not blogged about it. So here it is! 😀 Thanks for reminding me to put this up, hope this proves inspirational for the upcoming photographers/ artists. Not everything online is a SCAM, once you have your homework done and you believe in yourself. 🙂

Stay photogenic,

All images in this post are copyrighted to Rammal Mehmud & must not be used without the photographers permission.

Life’s good.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
[ Blogged this at the start of my career.]

Yesternight I realised this serendipitous act of fate.
My life was gradually rowing towards my destination – gliding through the waves of time, just forcing itself ahead. That instant thought ran a jolt of adrenalin through me and I almost screamed in ecstasy. I was in control and Allah (swt) was helping me steer it in the direction; I had always wanted it to go.

I thought of Allah(swt)’s perfect plan for me.

  • Finding myself holding a friend’s digital camera in 2006, taking pictures of anything possible and then a small un-paid shoot for a local magazine.
  • Later buying my own camera the same year, discovering flickr.com and all the great inspiration, doing my maiden commercial shoot for a mere 3K.
  • Letting me meet some amazing flickr friends who helped and guided me through.
  • Buying my first Dslr camera and then the 50mm lens!
  • Starting my 365 selfie project, from which I perfected portrait photography and the amazing art of photoshop/manipulations.
  • An MBA degree in marketing from one of the most renowned universities of the country.

And then *drum rolls*, getting a text from an ex-client for a friend’s bridal shoot. “I don’t do weddings or night events.” was my reply.

A couple of weeks later I decided to face my fears. I decided to accept the obvious. I decided to accept challenges. Decided to change.

I realized that there was no use of making excuses or taking the easy ways out or saying the oober easy “NO.” to a project just because I wasn’t in the mood.
I wasn’t to find a project that suited my mood, I had to change my attitude.
So I changed my perspective. I knew the ‘I’m-not capable-but-a-photographer’ had to go. So did the ‘I-can’t-do-this’.

Therefore last year, I dumped all the ‘skeptical’ attitudes that were literally my uniform since the last so many years and donned the new, shiny and eternal attire of confidence, positivity, empathy and class.
And guess what? I felt alive and so good bout myself. 🙂

On the evening of 24th December 2009, I met my first client. I couldn’t believe how confident I felt as I talked bout the shoot with her. I realized how I was driving my passion after it had driven me for so many years or how I secretly loved weddings and had become a cynic. I discovered that there were endless things in life that were so beautiful that I could just cry for their fleeting presence.
And lastly I realized how much I loved being the photographer
and my work.

I concluded that if I had to be the best, I needed to put my heart and soul into it all, not to mention my MBA degree! haha. 🙂 I needed a game plan and knowing my creativity – my best friend, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Strategic puzzles are a marketer’s favorite game.