Char Grilled Central, Islamabad


‘Allo Islamabad!

If ure sick of the same Burger Joints like;  Hardees, McDonalds, Roasters etc. You’re in for a BEEFED up treat!

Char Grilled Central is a Burger Joint by two young foodie friends; Saif & Jawad who partnered to make sure that your burgering experience is un-compromised when it comes to quality. For this, they made sure that the meat is unprocessed and procured on a daily basis from local vendors. Since, we live in an age and day of foods are over-processed we think that this initiative of theirs is soo thoughtful and most importantly FRESH!! The brand’s philosophy is to sell fresh while its juiciest!

So, We got an interesting call during a shoot On Saturday, that we should expect the samples when we get home 🙂 The team wanted us to taste  and improvise on the quality before the inauguration. They’ve been like burger geniuses, market testing their product just to tweak the product quality before launch. How often do you come across such a brand? Definitely a rarity in Islamabad!

Coming home after a wedding shoot to two delicious looking, succulent burgers was amazing!

Yep! We were sent samples of two of their burgers and mutually decided the feedback they had inquired for was worth sharing.

The burgers tasted fresh and the combination of sauce flavors that just explode in your mouth! The patty was minced to perfection and done on the rare side of medium but we prefer well-done. The burger was smothered in mayo, fresh ice berg lettuce, onion rings and fresh tomatoes and every bite was cheesy.

However, we felt that the team could use a bit of work on the presentation of their food.  As they are most definitely the juiciest burgers in Islamabad and we wish Char grilled Central, The best of Luck for the inauguration.

We wish these guys best of luck for their endeavors, they will be inaugurating their online burger joint TOMORROW!!

Menu & Contact details can be found on their page upon inaugration.

So, FOLLOW them on FACEBOOK: Char Grill Central



Why are you advertising this? 

its a review my friend. And once you send you products to someone like that for free before the actual launch, adverting is then a by product you get in return sometimes 🙂

great review. after reading your review i would love to give it a try  🙂

Adam Khan Mian on September 17, 2012 at 5:20 pm

burger ranch is better

Kulsumkhawar on October 13, 2012 at 1:27 pm

gotta try it sooon =D