I decided to include some of the frequently asked questions here.

Q. Where are you based?
I’m based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Once the client confirms her Appointment with me, An e- mail/ text is sent to her with The VRM Hub’s address.

Q. Do you offer event coverage services?
Yes, I do. Infact I love covering events! =) People are slowly moving towards a new trend in event coverage, which is called “Photo journalism’. They prefer a mix of it as well as the traditional coverage.

Q. What is Moment-O-Graphy?
At Rammal Mehmud photography, we have coined the term, Moment-o-graphy which simply means story telling via imagery, mostly candids. Weddings are not about photographs, its how one wants to remember their big day in a photograph, not about the moment but the moments in between. Covering every minor detail of the wedding, let it be the decor of the venue, raw emotions or those timeless moments! 🙂 Initially, People preffered a fusion of both the Traditional event coverage & Photojournalism though. Now, although contemporary couples are opting for just Moment-O-graphy!

Q. How do I book a date? Can I book a date 4 months in advance?
To book a date, the client needs to visit me in person. She can then have a look at my portfolio and if she likes my style of work, book me by making an advance payment of 50%. That actually makes it a lot easier for me since I then mark their date as *BOOKED* on the VRM Calendar with their Name & Venues ( Ya, I’m a bit old school. lol) Yes, I’m up for advance bookings.

Q. Do you offer Prints? If yes, then What are your printing arrangements?

YES! 🙂 I have made an agreement with high quality printing vendors who provide exceptional prints and albums for my photography.

Q. Do you get fed up of replying to mails again and again? 😀
I don’t care how many times a client calls, emails or inboxes me. I know “Wedding Photography” is a high involvement project and requires a lot of research/ questions, so I’m willing to answer anything related to the project until you are fully satisfied.

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I guess this is all for now, if you have any other queries..

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