I call it ‘Love’.

I just think the song by Lionel Richie, “I call it love” fits here perfectly.

I met Farwa through a friend in May and she had me click a casual shoot of hers with her sister. It was amazing how our personalities complemented each other. At that time, we never knew I would be shooting her BIG day too. Anyways, when her dates were finalized, Farwa and I were mailing each other *ideas* like crazy – on a daily basis, to incorporate ’em into her BIG day’s shoot.

The day arrived, Farwa looked delicately gorgeous in her beige and plum jora from Fashion Ka Ghar. She had gotten her makeup done from Sobia Hanif, Chaklala. I found this amazing Mehndi Artist, Kanwal – on facebook and refered Farwa to her. She adorned the young bride’s hands with such lovely and intricate henna patterns that left a happy vermilion stain behind; which you can see for yrself! 🙂

When Farwa called me to click her Nikkah & also for an outdoor photoshoot – I didn’t think twice. I have always loved natural, ambient light rather than strobes [ Personal preference, really! 🙂 ] I had already photographed Farwa and we had become really good friends. Now the surprise bit! 😀 She was getting married to my old classmate, which meant old friend re-union aswell! I was sooper excited!

Rohail, my classfellow – said he couldn’t believe he had such a talented friend! Little did you know back then haha! 😀 He was always the shy, but helpful type. So, naturally I was expecting that I would have to guide him a lot to capture the essence of their love, but when Farwa walked in, Rohail opened up and I captured their love effortlessly.  Since, the barat was a little late, the yearning and the wait was over! They loved being together and it shows how grateful they were to have each other.

A few weeks ago; My sister and I picked up Farwa from work, grabbed Dunkin Donuts and hit the road to see the venue, and explored it for the most perfect & photogenic spots that would describe their day years after. However, the Ba’arat was a bit late and then there was so much chaos that we almost didn’t get time to click their couple shoot. Then, Me and my sister sneaked the bride and the groom out and did their shoot while every ones was having lunch! 😀 I felt so invincible for accomplishing what I deemed as impossible, at that time 😀 The couple was so supportive! <3

I was deeply honored to be a part of their love’s celebration.

On the 13th November, Farwa Baloch became Farwa Rohail.

Its beautiful how a moment welcomes us into a whole new life and changes everything completely. Such a pretty transition. 🙂 MashaAllah.
Believing in these moments,
I wish Farwa and Rohail – the best that LIFE can offer!

Stay photogenic,


Awesomeeeeeeeee <3 we did babe! 😉

What a pretty bride. And Mashallah Rammal. You are SO talented. Words can’t even describe the level of “like” I have for your work! You’re a truee inspiration 🙂

Creativemind_18 on December 10, 2010 at 4:25 am

hi rammal
u know i m honestly tellig u that u r not only a great photographer but also a talented writer. the way u describe things is simply awesome. your dedication to ur work is speaking for itself in every shoot and writing thanx & best ov luck

Loved the post. You make this day look even more beautiful. :))

you make the couple look “outta-this-world”!!! no doubt they both look splendid bt the way u captured their love, the essence n the day make it all the more worth-while!!!
and MY!!! what splendid words u used to describe em!! 🙂 i m thinkin i shud give u my weddin pics and make u write stuff for me!! 😀

OMG!!! O.O the pictures look like they are from a fairy tale.. WOW!! ♥

meri shadi kab hogi 😛 i want u to shoot ma big day

lovely shots taken rammal, i adore ur photography and perosnality without even meeting u :):)

Loved the photos – all of them!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these Rammal… WOW ur becoming a pro pro PRO everyday 😀 Awesome work!! <3

Simply Awesome..m luving ur photography..Honestly,these pics are dragging me towards marriage :P..Now m like “ab shadi ker leni chahiye” 😀

Oh my God! Mano these portraits are absolute beauty.Really ur shots are more than just a camera clicks they r so complete in their description of a particular event or situation.Honestly!I am pretty sure all those couples or brides u have shot till now will cherish those amazingly captured shots of their very memoraible moments of life.Wishing u all the best.

Omair Chouhan on December 11, 2010 at 6:32 am

they look soooooooooooooooooooooo cute mash Allah!! Love yew bothhhhhhh 🙂 P.S a great great greattttttttttt photographyy!! loved it!!

uf rammal.im totally on lv wd dz………EACH AND EVERY THING………….the bride iz so preety………her dress, her makeup…..brillant photographyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………………