I remember when Farooq (Lead guitarist of Irtaash ) came over one evening and kept scribbling “Irtaash” all over my notebook.  He proudly told me; that was going to be the name of their band and that ‘Irtaash’ being a Urdu word meant vibrations in water. I remember laughing at him. I take good pics, does that mean I’m going to be a photographer one day?! *Jeez!*

Then commenced the jam sessions at home and finally one day he handed me the CD of their first ever recorded single – ‘Kaali Raatein’.
From the first version to the repeatedly revised one – been there done that.
🙂 Farooq and I go a long way back – since we were kids.
He’s my first cousin.

Irtaash has always been very close to his heart, a dream so sacred and cherished.
And now finally TRUE.

Here are some glimpses of Islamabad’s rock band consisting of Yasir, Farooq, Omer, Ali & Talha: Irtaash. Who just launched their DEBUT album, Kaala Safaid Aasmaan and I was fortunate enough to cover the whole event. 😀 It took place at ‘The Rock Musicarium’ which is nestled in a quiet area near Lake-view point.

I’ve never shot a concert before, so this is my maiden attempt at concert photography – that too without the use of strobes!
And what a breather from shooting weddings! *Phew!* haha! 😀

I felt a rapture of mixed emotions as I saw them all perform with such unmatched enthusiasm and confidence. It was as if the colors weren’t flooding around by the lighting setup but from the energy that flowed from one member to another! =D
Live events are PURE LOVE! 😀At this shoot, I had the creative, free license to experiment as much as I could! 😀  Ahh sheer blissh!

It was fantastic remembering how the crowd went wild as Yasir crooned “Kaali Raatein” and “Musafir”.
*Nostalgic*So that brings us at the end of this *rocking* post, hope you guys enjoyed it.
For more pics, please visit my Fan page.
Special thanks to Sufined for being there! 😀

Irtaash, you guys are amazing and a fine example of believing in one’s dreams!
<3 All the best for the future!

P.s: People, Their debut CD would be out soon, don’t forget to get your copy!

Stay photogenic,


wow, what a rocking POST !! 😀 you are creative writer too along with a CREATIVE Photographer 😀 Mashallah !!! all the best to Irtaash , their sound, their energy is sure bring him awesome result in near future 😀

Thanks! 😀
*HI 5*

Mahnoor_imran on May 29, 2011 at 8:49 pm

Whatever is mentioned by u relating “Irtassh”is so true.The journey of this band is really full of struggle,passion,dreams,comman band fights,being part of the rock music world.I know those young boys “Yasir,Farooq,Ali,Talha,Umar”.
I know two of them very closely one is faroo and other is yasir i’d always noticed them busy doing something for the success of their band.Faroo putting all his efforts in learning guitar composing music for the songs,yasir doing poetry for his songs,inshort,this is all i witnessed till i was there in Pakistan.
I also know the person who finally decided to quit the band and flew to Uk,i saw and felt the pain in his heart coz he took the decision he never ever wanted to,i know the misery he’d been through he was non other than My brother faroo who is a baby to me an will b forever.I rem My daughter Maryam used to sing along faroo”Kali raatein”.I rem when he started learning guitar and used to make horrible tunes i was the one who always sounds offended.Then his first song Musafir cameup and then kali raatein and i was quite impressed.
I rem once talking to him over the phone he told me Mahnoor i have stopped listeneing to my songs.I asked him y he answered “coz mujnhey lagta hai jaise yasir mujhe wapas bula raha ho”hmmm! those were the days he was alone,depressed and tired.And finally the DAYhe used to dream about, was waiting for him ,to embrace his chace to see that dream come true and he did see it.My prayers for Farooq and for his Band Irtassh.May Allah bless them with success and Good luck always.Ameen.

Sumreen Safdar on May 30, 2011 at 8:15 am

Awsome..! Love your work.:)) Amazing MashaAllah..

Beautiful pictures really beautiful i love your pictures