Kinza & Ammar 12.12.12

Once a upon a sunny december..

From one of our escapades in Karachi, Pakistan.  We would love to share Kinza’s decandent ‘Glam it up’  Session.

Having lived forver in Islamabad, we werent used to the concept of a sunny december, as its always bleak or cloudy and raining 80% of the time in Islamabad.
But Karachi is sunny and wind =D So, now Karachi is added to our list of happy places.

So, We reached Kinza’s place for some morning crazyness with the girls and & *Tea* and then left off with the exuberant bride, her sister and best friend in tow for the Salon.

It was time to put on the wedding shoes & dance the night away! =D

Glam it up Rammal Mehmud photography Jimmy Choo


Rammal & I were scurrying around in ninja mode, clicking every detail also making sure we werent in the staff’s way <3

Kinza chose to wear a ‘Tabbasum Mughal Bridal’ attire and did it justice! from full view of the flowey reds, to the details of kaam, to the tassles,  nothing was overlooked!

We headed over the Kinza, who was getting done with her Makeup (which unfortunately we werent allowed to document) however, the Salon staff was very cooperative regardless.
Whooo!  how Gorgeous is she?! 


This wedding was a blast <3
We wish Kinza & Ammar, the best of both the worlds.




MashaAllah Rammal, when it comes to MY wedding, you’re definatly the photographer 😉
love yah