Kulsum & Sayer

Hey hun !!

Hope you’re doing great. I know, im a bit late in giving the testimonial,, im shorry :)) ok its goes like this:

Just a year before my wedding, I started to plan to think about the photo shoot I would have. And it was always to have with my hubby, not to go with the boring “alone photo shoot”. Didn’t know about you at that time. Few months closer to my wedding, I heard about a name “Rammal”. My cousin suggested me to get it done from you. And to be honest at that time I was, “ok ill see”. Then she showed your few pictures. I got interested ma man. I wanted to see more !! I found you on Facebook, saw the work and became one of the biggest fan ever !!! It was end of the September when I first contacted you, through email. Nabia called me and we had a fantabulous meet greet session. And from that day I regularly used to drop by your page and blog, and see all the wonder work, with the enthusiasm that ill have like this too I know I used to be always worried to have a perfect location for the photo shoot, and called you on skype many times discussing the problems. And you were alwayyyyys helping in getting me relaxed! I had an awesome customer relationship with you in terms of communication and working!

And now I come to the work, the photo shoot. When I told my fiancée about the photo shoot idea, he had just one objection i.e. he hated the plastic smiles given to the photographers and all the “stand like this, tilt this way, that way” talk. But then he told after the shoot that it went so easy. And yes it really did. It wasn’t like we becoming statues for a photographer. It was more like a fun filled talk shawk, posing, jokes session. And then our laughing at those jokes helped in putting some really pretty natural pictures in the albums! I really had fun both days of the photo shoot. And all the pictures came out soooooh good! It was real hard for me to select the pictures among the whole batch. The albums took my breath away. Me and my family was like OMG OMG OMG !! They were awesfantabulovely !!! (awesome, fantastic, fabulous, lovely) Just loved your hard work sweetheart. Everyone in my family and friends appreciated your creativity. It was something new and innovative. And I don’t get bored watching my albums again and again. This shows how you’ve beautifully, creatively and of course with effort put the best moments of my life together. Cant choose any as the best one, each and every picture takes me back to that day and reminds me the lovely moments we had. You are one of the bests ive worked with. I’m looking forward to have the lurve session by you some day in shaa Allah…

P.S. I needed the best, and I got simply MORE than just the best

P.S. I loved your comments during the first day shoot “You both ought to be models” and that “YOU Guys! Your chemistry is awesome!”

Love ya babes !! 
Stay blessed — with Kulsum & Sayer