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‘High’ got me higher.

Just yesterday during a meetup with a client (Hi Sana! :] ), we were talking about improving one’s photography habits. We were deep in conversation, when she said she has a dslr at home, which she doesn’t use much – and I had to let her know what a miracle of a project, the 365 is.

(c) Rammal Mehmud | All rights reserved.

So what is the 365 project?!

As you guys know I’m a self taught photographer / Visual Artist. I learned everything online – from friends, and websites like flickr.com. I got to know some MAJOR inspirational photographers on flickr.com and they are still my bestest of friends and my energy capsules.

I took up a challenge ( like most budding photographers), to hone my photography skills by taking a shot daily, editing and uploading it online to seek constructive criticism and feedback. I guess that did the trick and I’m still known for my water-drop, macro, bokeh & smoke photography & gratifying visual art.

A year after I uploaded high, I received an email from Lerner Publishing Group who were interested in using it for the cover of a children’s storybook. As you can guess, I was WAY overwhelmed but 1 – Didn’t know if it was for real. 2 – Didn’t know whom to seek advice concerning this.

So My sister & I, searched bout the company online,  searched about the pricing of such publications, about copyrights and royalties. Most of the flickr photographers living abroad helped me out too. After all the paper work, I signed the deal for $900. Later I was contacted again since they had to print trade catalogs and got $500 more, while the copyrights and the royalties remained with me and we agreed on one time use of the image with 20,000 copies of the book.

Here are the two books that they sent me, as promised along with the payment in my paypal account. 😀

The client that I met yesterday was really surprised, as why I had not blogged about it. So here it is! 😀 Thanks for reminding me to put this up, hope this proves inspirational for the upcoming photographers/ artists. Not everything online is a SCAM, once you have your homework done and you believe in yourself. 🙂

Stay photogenic,

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