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Heyy guys! 🙂 Howsiee!
Since the wedding seasons is in full swing, most of you are visiting me to view my portfolio and to discuss your venue and how you would prefer your event photography.

Since I don’t have a FAQ section as yet, I decided to include some of the frequently asked questions here.

Q. Where are you based?
I’m based in Islamabad, F-11. Once the client confirms her visit, she gets a mail/ text from me containing my address.

Q. Do you have your own studio?
I do have a studio, which is at my home. I’m furnishing it at the moment and Insha’Allah would be ready by the start of Nov.

Q. Can you facilitate bride-groom session at their bridal suite or at the hotel?
As a matter of fact, Yes! I carry my studio equipment to the hotel and have shot many sessions in the bridal suite. Sometimes clients prefer a shoot at the hotel because it seems like an easier option to them.

Q. Do you offer event coverage services?
Yes, I do. Infact I love covering events! =) People are slowly moving towards a new trend in event coverage, which is called “Photo journalism’. They prefer a mix of it as well as the traditional coverage.

Q. What is photo-journalism?
Photo-journalism simply means story telling in images, mostly candids. Weddings are not about photographs, its how one wants to remember their big day in a photograph, not about the moment but the moments in between. Covering every minor detail of the wedding, let it be the decor of the hall/ venue, raw emotions or those timeless moments! 🙂 People often want a fusion of both the Traditional event coverage & Photojournalism though. Traditional coverage along becomes a bit boring because its the usual change of places of different families on the stage where the bride and groom are sitting.

Q. How do I book a date? Can I book a date 4 months in advance?
To book a date, the client needs to visit me in person. She can then have a look at my portfolio and if she likes my style of work, book me by making an advance payment of 50%. That actually makes it a lot easier for me since I then mark their date as *SAVED* on my calender with their name + location. ( Ya, I’m a bit old school. lol) Yes, I’m up for advance bookings.

Q. Do you prints the pics yourself?
I have made an agreement with Fuji Lab, to let *ME* handle printing pics of females who observe ‘Parda’ and do not want males to do that for them. That way *I* would be sending the print command, making minor adjustments on their Fuji software and getting prints – no male member of Fuji Lab would be allowed in until I get done.

So yaa pretty much – its a YES! 🙂

Q. Do you get fed up of replying to mails again and again? 😀
I don’t care how many times a client calls, emails or inboxes me. I know its a high involvement project and requires a lot of research/ questions, so I’m willing to answer anything related to the project until you are fully satisfied.

I guess this is all for now, if you have any other queries..
* Come visit me! 🙂
* Email me on: vrm.photography@gmail.com
* Call: 03325510312
* Leave a msg on my fan page’s wall.

Walking on cloud # 9.

I met Afche a month back, and we instantly clicked! 🙂 After brainstorming ideas for her engagement shoot, she gave me the esteemed title of being her ‘frequency matched’ photographer. The feeling was indescribable, not because of the praise but because of her trust in me.

On the eve of 19th Sept, I met her at Sobia’s to take some quick shots of her, while she was in the process of getting ready. She looked absolutely GORGEOUS, I must say! Masha’Allah. =)

From there, we left for the hall. The entrance of Paradise Complex was beautifully swagged with lights and gave a very grand, welcoming vibe. It was my first shoot there and I’m absolutely in love with this place, merely because of the bokeh-fest at the entrance and due to the space factor.

The bride wanted a fusion of ‘Photo journalism’ and Traditional event coverage, mainly because she had spent so much time making sure every detail of the hall decor was to taste. Candies wrapped in a lovely fuchsia cloth and fish bowls were not to be missed. The hall was spacious and the dim lights made it seem more inviting and cozy.

The gifts from the girl’s side were carefully packed and labeled. Every assembled detail depicted tender love & care.

Afche wanted some unique portraits with the ring! 😀 It was so much fun doing these. We later grabbed the opportunity, shot some portraits outside of the hall too where it was *pure bokeh* land!!

Waiting for the groom to arrive…nabia’s magical shot. =)

Post Engagement reactions.. 😀

The dances at the end were the best, her cousins and family sure know how to have fun!


Congratulations and many best wishes for the newly engaged beautiful couple! <3

I had a blast at Afche's engagement, I hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of the event! 🙂 <3
Keep an eye for the next post, would be about my cousin's Nikkah shoot! I so missed blogging but was hampered by work, mainly post processing shots and assembling the prints in the albums!
God, I love my job! 😀

Stay photogenic,

The facebook era.

Facebook seemed like just another networking website like Orkut.com back in 2006. I remember being reluctant to join it – simply because I was happy – scrapping on my friend’s walls and joining stupid communities which were such a big deal back then.
Pressurized by my friends and siblings, I joined Facebook.

From 2006 to 2010: I’m amazed at the opportunities Facebook created for web developers, small businesses and giant brands alike. ‘Like pages’ – the most aggressive tool in the social marketing scenario is the catalyst for interacting with clients at root level and conditioning the fans’ minds for top of the mind Brand recall. People are smarter now, they know they have the power to communicate directly through these Like pages and make better decisions.

I never had a community on Orkut and the term ‘Fan page’ seemed narcissistic. Still, I went on with the idea of starting a ‘Like page’ at the start of the year after I had shot my first wedding. I had reveled about its importance in my MBA’s Final year thesis [Which was on Internet & Social Media Marketing] but practically implementing it was an altogether different experience.
Eventually teenagers who were interested in photography and needed guidance contacted me but as we got the ball rollling, my like page grew larger and I finally found my target audience.

Now I’m thrilled to find prospective brides ‘inboxing’ and buzzing my digits! Also, what I love about this new era is that the ‘new age Muslim Pakistani’ bride is ready to take a leap of faith. She’s ready to choose a photographer found on Facebook for her BIG day. She keeps herself informed and seeks price quotes, she wants to know which camera I’m using (seriously!), she goes through my blog to check out my style of work, she wants to know if I own a studio as yet and if I would be available on the date she’d provide. She has realized that she has the power to make a decision for herself on her wedding. She knows the value of photojournalism style (Story telling imagery; Candid close-ups and detailed shots of the venue and the decorations) of photography and the amount of time & effort invested by me to document the moments in between the shoot. She appreciates how I take out time to communicate ideas and listen to how she would want her special day to be photographed. Last but not the least: She’s confident that she’s beautiful in her skin; radiant as the Henna on her hands and best of all, shes willing to put her trust in me; for making her feel as beautiful as she looks on the most awaited day of her life.

I thank you girlies, for being so totally FABULOUS! 🙂

Stay photogenic,