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Cinefilms : Gradiators’ 15

On a cold February day we met the most excited group of people, their joy on graduating was very very evident on their faces! some were so excited that they were really at a loss for words to describe how they were feeling, and we (Rammal & Nabia) know that feeling all too well! It’s a moment a student works towards for 4 years, and at the end of the journey it can leave you speechless, knowing you’ve accomplished something worthwhile in this life can do that.

That’s the kind of energy and emotions we wanted to capture, this time in film. The excitement of spending the last few days together with your friends, the onset of new beginnings, a proud feeling of making this far and saying goodbye to people you’ve seen everyday for 4 years. We love capturing raw emotions, it’s always about capturing people at the most personal level to really let them sparkle on screen!

Sara, Maham, Akram, Safa, Sakeena, Mati, zara, Isra, Palwisha, Soha, Waqar, Nimra and Samawia are now starting a new chapter in their lives and we were so glad we could be there to capture these special moments and help them make this a memory to remember for the rest of their lives!

To the batch of Bahria University 2015 : Congrats!

Enjoy this video!