MIA: Update!

Howdy ya’ll!

I know weve been MIA for the month of May! So, We’ve decided to blog about our absence (read as misery lol) Well, after some weekends of non-stop weddings and shoots, Rammal & I both were spent and were looking forward to a quite weekend. However, we started feeling weak and drained all the time, with fever that didnt break. After two miserable days, our parents forced us and got blood tests done, Little did we both know, what a long recovery we were in store for!

We were both diagnosed with Typhoid, which took toll on our health and even mental health! We felt like rag dolls completely devoid of energy and will. Rammal & I are absolute foodies, we enjoy cooking, and needless to say, eating!!  So being fed plain and ”beemaron khanay” (low salt, no spice diet) wasn’t so appealing for  our tastebuds. But, God bless our Mom who force fed us ‘khichree’ and juices with our medication on time. We know couldn’t have recovered at all if it wasn’t for her efforts. It overwhelms us how unconditional the love of a mother is and HOW genuinely we are, blessed! *Alhamdulilah!* We feel more inspired, grateful and more focused now =D

What are your blessed with?! Do comment and share with us 🙂

Also, We received from you; a ton of emails, texts, flower bouquets, calls and we want to express our gratitude. THANK YOU for all your love, support and care!
We are sharing our two most favorite Get Well Soon Cards made by You guys! <3

This Collage Get well Card is by Omair Ahmad;

And this beaut is by:

Manpreet Singh Khalsa (MSK) who is an awesome photographer based in New Delhi, India.

Do check out his work on Facebook; www.facebook.com/anandpursahib

Until next time!
Stay Photogenic,
~ Nabs <3


Oh wow, your alive 😀 
Welcome back, Hopefully we will see another post in 2012 😛